Bonding PVC Foils to MDF? | Furniture Production Magazine

In order to produce PVC foil-wrapped doors, membrane and vacuum presses are used. This involves a moulded or routed MDF panel or door being sprayed with a Henkel Aquence polyurethane dispersion adhesive, which is then allowed to dry. Once the adhesive is dry, the door is then covered with a PVC foil and placed in the press, which heats the foil and applies pressure, thereby reactivating the glue line to create the perfect bond.

Henkel Aquence adhesives are designed to make this process straightforward, creating the optimum bond between the PVC foil and the MDF, especially with high gloss foils for kitchen cabinet doors. Plywood Workbench Top

Bonding PVC Foils to MDF?  | Furniture Production Magazine

Kenyon’s are the premium partner for Henkel furniture and building component adhesives and offer a range of PU Dispersions for 3D lamination, under the tried, tested and proven brand name, Aquence. Already well established in both the UK and Europe, one-component and two-component adhesives are available to suit the different needs within the manufacturing process, with each one offering their own advantages and benefits.

One-component PU Dispersion offers the maximum reliability at the lowest activation temperatures, starting from 50°C (high gloss).  In addition, it provides the highest heat and moisture resistance with all commonly available foil qualities and the optical surface characteristics due to excellent spraying features. With the two-component systems human error is always a possibility and the one-component offering eradicates this, along with any pot-life worries.

Two-component PU Dispersion is especially suited for presses without membrane and sealable at the lowest temperatures.  Like the one component, this offers the highest heat resistance, which works well for high gloss and thin foils, along with the excellent spray characteristic on the edge.

Manufacturers of Shaker doors may have noticed that when pressing high gloss foils, any chips, imperfections or irregularities can transfer to the surface. Kenyon’s has a quick secure fix to this problem, applied prior to moving to the gluing and pressing stage. Call the team to discuss further and arrange a site visit to demonstrate.

Kenyon’s can also audit the production process, offer advice and operator training using the Pro Tools which are available for 3D Thermoforming.

One such tool, the 3D Profiler, offers manufacturers the ability to look within their process, ensuring that every parameter is covered and operating correctly.  This wireless system provides simultaneous measurements of the different processing parameters, which include surface and edge temperatures, foil temperatures, humidity beneath the foil, along with pressure measurements, all of which make it a vital tool.

With these options available to Kenyon’s technical team, the company is highly confident that its portfolio of 3D Dispersions and supporting tools have everything customers need to operate at their maximum level and produce the desired standard of work.  

3D lamination adhesives are complimented by its range of Technomelt edgebanding and flat lamination adhesives, alongside a full range of cleaners, to offer the complete adhesive package.

Contact Kenyon’s for further information on how it might best meet your adhesive requirements. 

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Bonding PVC Foils to MDF?  | Furniture Production Magazine

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