New for 2024: HatsanUSA JET2-QER PCP Air Rifle | An Official Journal Of The NRA

HatsanUSA has announced two enhancements to its JET2 pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle/pistol combo. In response to the growing demand for improved precision and consistency, the JET2-QER is now available with a regulator and Hatsan’s patented QuietEnergy Technology. With the pressure regulated at 125 BAR, the JET2-QER offers up to 47 stable shots at optimal velocity. This convertible air rifle, available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, stands out with its versatile design, featuring an adjustable and removable buttstock that transforms it into a compact air pistol. The introduction of a regulator promises a more consistent and controlled shooting performance.

Other key features of the JET2-QER include the addition of Hatsan’s QuietEnergy technology, a fully shrouded barrel, an integrated sound moderator, and interchangeable dual 40cc air cylinders. Extra air cylinders are available in four colors (black, red, blue and green). The airgun’s design emphasizes accuracy with a precision rifled and choked German steel barrel and an 11mm dovetail rail for optics and accessories. if not using an optic, the JET2-QER comes with three integrated, adjustable flip-up fiber optic sights. Flow Control Valve Electric Actuator

New for 2024: HatsanUSA JET2-QER PCP Air Rifle | An Official Journal Of The NRA

Weighing in at just 3.2 pounds and boasting an ergonomic, all-weather polymer construction, the JET2-QER is designed for comfort and control in a variety of shooting conditions. This airgun combo offers an ambidextrous operation and a manual safety located in the trigger guard. Finally, the extended Foster connector is included for efficient air cylinder filling. For more information, visit MSRP: $339.99

HEVI-Shot has expanded its shotshell line to include its 12 g/cc tungsten shot in .410-bore. This shot is over 50 percent more dense than traditional steel shot, making the HEVI-XII a logical choice for those who like to hunt waterfowl with the sub-gauge shotguns.

Revic Optics, a division of Gunwerks, has released the Radikl RS25b smart scope with integrated ballistics. The 2nd generation, 4-25x50mm smart scope boasts the Revic ballistic engine that computes elevation and windage solutions, including calculations for aerodynamic jump, spin drift, and earth-based effects.

Tikka has released a new variant on its legendary T3X action in the form of the T3X Ranahan. With a name meant to evoke the gun as a ranchers "right hand," the T3X Ranahan is a maneuverable truck gun perfect for hogs, predators and more.

Get a closer look at the Davidson’s Exclusive Pietta 1873 Convertible, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

Using a lead-free copper monometal design, with a polymer tip over a hollow cavity, the Freight Train Copper gives a huge ballistic advantage over conventional slugs.

New for 2024: HatsanUSA JET2-QER PCP Air Rifle | An Official Journal Of The NRA

Piston Valve Working Principle Hornady’s new V-Match ammo blends the uniformity, aerodynamics and accuracy of the ELD-X and ELD Match lines with a thinner jacket which results in near-explosive expansion.